Saturday, 9 April 2011

Collaboration with Orquesta Sinfónica del Mediterráneo

Last April 2nd Pepe, Ricard, Javier and Antonio Pérez Llopis collaborated with the Orquesta Sinfónica del Mediterráneo, directed by Juan A. Ramírez, in the performance of the José Serrano's zarzuela "La Canción del Olvido", at the Teatre Principal in Castelló. This was one of the contributions of the institution Castelló Cultural to the city festivals dedicated to Magdalena.
It was a very interesting experience, which also allowed the audience to enjoy the zarzuela as conceived by Maestro Serrano, i.e. with a small section of plectrum instruments playing at certain times.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Next concert

Next Saturday 9th of April we will attend the III Festival Nacional de Orquestas de Pulso y Púa Villa de Chiva, which will be carried out in this Valencian village, and where will be also performing the Orquesta de Pulso y Púa "Tres Olmas" from Fuentesaúco de Fuentidueña (Segovia) and the Orquesta de Pulso y Púa from Azuaga (Badajoz), besides the Orquesta de Pulso y Púa "Villa de Chiva", who are organizing this nice event.
The concert will be hold  at Teatro Astoria in Chiva, at 19 hours, and we will perform this four pieces:

La Précieuse                                                          F. Kreisler
Prelude and Fugue nº 12                                  J. S. Bach
Tango op. 165 nº 2                                              I. Albéniz
Sonatina op. 6 nº 1                                              F. Gragnani

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Los Lunes Concierto '11

Last Monday February 14th, we offered a new concert in Castelló, included in the 12th cycle "Los Lunes Concierto" (Mondays Concert), organized by the Ateneo and the City Council. The concert, with a big audience, was held at the Centre Municipal de Cultura in Castelló, and the program was composed of these works:

Sonatina Op.20 nº1                                           J. L. Dussek
La Matinée (Rondeau)                                      J. L. Dussek
The Swan                                                                C. Saint-Saëns
La Précieuse                                                          F. Kreisler
Concerto in D M RV93                                      A. Vivaldi
Choral in form of fugue                                     G. F. Haendel

Prelude and Fugue nº 12                                  J. S. Bach
Aria from the Suite in D                                    J. S. Bach
Tango op. 165 nº2                                               I. Albéniz
Sonata in A m                                                        J. B. Loeillet
Thanks to the Ateneo and the City Council for the opportunity they offered us to participate in a cycle that has already become a classic of culture in Castelló, and where we hope to play again in future editions.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tertúlia del Portal

Last December 13th we participated in the symposium-concert about chamber music, organized by "Tertúlia del Portal" Cultural Association, from Almassora, and Maestro Pérez Llopis acted as host and moderator. We performed the following works:

Coral en forma de fuga                                      G. F. Haendel
La Précieuse                                                          F. Kreisler
Concierto en Do M RV425                               A. Vivaldi
Preludio y Fuga nº 12                                         J. S. Bach
Aria de la Suite en Re                                          J. S. Bach
Tango op. 165 nº2                                                I. Albéniz
Santa Cecilia (canon)                                           A. S. Pérez Llopis
Sonata en la m                                                        J. B. Loeillet

Out of program we also played the nocturne Almassora La Vella, by Pérez Llopis.

Since 1881, and always on alternative Mondays, the "Tertúlia" transforms the Farmer's Hall of CaixAlmassora in a forum for information and debate, discussing about the most assorted items and allowing an interesting exchange of experiences and opinions.
We would like to express our admiration for the cultural task developed by "Tertúlia del Portal", and we highly appreciate the splendid welcome, both from the usual components of the "Tertúlia" and also from who came only to listen this musical evening.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tribute to Maestro Pérez Llopis

     Last October 23 we took part in a tribute concert to Maestro Antonio Perez Llopis, for his 30 years leading the Orquesta Laudística Daniel Fortea, which is the director and founder. In the same concert also perfomed guitarist Ana M. Archilés, the group Els Llauradors and the Orquesta Laudística Daniel Fortea itself.
     The works chosen for the concert were the Prelude and Fugue Nº 12 from Johan Sebastian Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, and the Sonata in A m by Jean Baptiste Loeillet.
     We were very honored to participate in the tribute to the person who allowed us to fell the music in such a deep way.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Find us on the newspaper

Levante de Castelló, 8th June 2010, page 65

Monday, 7 June 2010

Concert in Castelló

Last Friday June 4th, at 19:30, we gave a concert in the Centre Municipal de Cultura of Castelló (4 Antonio Maura St.)

     The program was composed of the following works:
Sonatina Op.20 nº1                              J.L. Dussek
La Matinée (Rondeau)                          J. L. Dussek
The Swan                                            C. Saint-Saëns
La Precieuse                                        F. Kreisler
Concerto in C  RV425                            A. Vivaldi
Allegro                                                J.H. Fiocco
Aria from the Suite in D                       J. S. Bach
Tango Op.165 nº2                                I. Albéniz
Sonata in A m                                      J. B. Loeillet

     Publishing of the videos is coming soon.